Leveraging NFTs for Animal Conservation

Are you ready to take part in our mission to help save the world’s most endangered species?

Thorough Selection Process

We conduct a strong due diligence before choosing a conservation group partner to support with the NFT sale

Unique and Exclusive NFTs

Each NFT is a one-to-one artwork linked to the animal with the unique and original microchip number the animal is tagged with 

NGOs take 90%+ of Proceeds

Over 90% of all proceeds go directly to the partner conservation group in order to maximize impact and benefit for the NGO

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. The net proceeds of our NFT collections will make the difference between the disappearance of iconic endangered animals and their successful preservation.

About Us

We leverage NFTs for Good

With an increasing number of climate change reports emerging that signal a ‘red alert’ for the planet, the need to protect biodiversity and natural capital is intensifying. As the issue grows in complexity, the role that financial technology can play in identifying solutions is being explored more and more. 

Conserving wildlife is at the heart of Endangered NFTs’ mission. We focus on protecting populations of some of the world’s most ecologically, economically, and culturally important species—the survival of which are threatened by poaching, illegal trade and habitat loss.

Impact Driven

The NFT sales make a big impact on the conservation efforts of our partner NGOs


Every dollar is accounted for and every paperwork made accessible for verification

Our Pillars

Credibility & Transparency

When choosing which endangered species to support, we conduct a thorough due diligence process to identify key partners. Each endangered species NFT collection is always launched in partnership with an international NGO notable for their conservation efforts and work in protecting that species. This ensures that the proceeds of the NFT sales are used in the most responsible way possible, and that every dollar raised is spent ethically for the support of the endangered species. The exact distribution of the proceeds from the NFT sales are public information and are built in the smart contracts used in launching the tokens. The  

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Endangered Species
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Sharks Killed Yearly
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Elephants killed daily
Rhinos left worldwide
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Increase in Rhino poaching by 2030
Wild Tigers left
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Whales Hunted yearly
Cheetahs left worldwide
Our First NFT Collection

Rhino Momma Project

The massive rise of rhino poaching has made waves throughout the world, as it becomes more evident by the day that if drastic action isn’t taken, our future generations may very well come to know the rhinoceros as an extinct creature. Taking action requires innovative ideas and ingenuity, and that’s what inspired Endangered NFTs and Rhino Momma Project to collaborate on the launch of the White Rhino NFT collection. The sale of this unique NFT collection will make a significant difference in the growing numbers of rhinos in Namibia given that over 90% of all sales proceed go directly to funding conservation efforts championed by the Rhino Momma Project.


Collection Launch Date: April 1st, 2022
What Do You Get

When You Join Endangered NFTs Family

Unique NFTs

Each NFT represents a unique endangered animal with amazing art works so that you can proudly showcase them. The NFTs also come with a 3D model of the animal which you can use in the Metaverse

Amazing Benefits

Because your purchase helps make a difference in the real world, partner NGOs give you amazing benefits such as free stays at their lodges or ranches so you can see and interact with the animals you're saving

Exclusive Access

Buying an NFT gives you access to our members only channels where you can get content updates (videos, images, livestreams) about the animals you're helping save so you can see the impact of your purchase

Are you ready to take part in our mission to help save the world's most endangered species?

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